Welcome to the 12 Week B3 Accelerator Cohort Coaching Program Application
In order to have full consideration for this accelerated program, it is imperative that you are first honest with yourself about where you are in the process of your journey. Secondly, you must be honest with us.

We do not want to accept you into the cohort if you are not ready to commit to your success at this time. It will be a commitment, and if you take the deliberate action steps we guide you through, you will maximize your profits.

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Have you completed a Bold Women's Coaching Circle (Focus & Finish OR Dominate In Business) Application within the last 30 Days? *

If yes, please skip to question 9 below.
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How long have you had your business?

Is this your first business?

Previous partnerships are considered a Yes!
What are your top 5 "core money making activities" that you do in order to raise capital for your company? Example, if you are a speaker, one core activity is contacting meeting planners daily to find out their needs to get booked for engagements. *

Activities can include services and programs you offer, however the reference here is geared towards the activity that leads to you landing a client so you can offer those services/programs.
What is your biggest challenge in your business right now? *

The B3 Accelerator will give you everything you need to maximize your potential and profit. This will require dedication and deliberate action before, during and after sessions (safely calculate 90 minutes per week of your time to apply the steps). Are you willing to make room for your growth? *

Have you ever received coaching for your business before? *

If no, skip to question 14 below.
If yes, are you participating in any of the programs below at the moment:

What is your primary business website address:

What are your top 3 social media platforms that you use for business? *

For your primary preferred platform(s), how would you rate your social media presence on a weekly basis?

1= Less than 2 post per week
10= 28 or more post per week

Do you have a strategic business engagement blueprint that takes your prospective customer from awareness (of your business) through conversion (to becoming your client)? *

This is more than a funnel as it includes your customer nurture and re-engagement process.
Where do you want your business to be in 12 months? *

Are you having trouble with your physical health, finances, mental health,  your relationships or spiritual center that you feel may be inhibiting your business growth? *

B3 is an intimate and committed group of doers who are investing in themselves and willing to show up, participate and challenge each other.
Why are you interested in joining this cohort coaching program? *

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